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Courteous Canine 6 month program

Creating YOUR dream canine companion one click at a time!

Course Summary

In this 6 month program our 8 week Wonder Pup Extraordinaire! and Amazing Adolescent! courses come together to put you and your dog on the right path to your dream canine companion.

Our 8 week hybrid puppy class of some in-person and some online sessions with a bonus online week of orientation will start you off on the right paw. 

Here's what you'll get in the puppy/basics section of the program: 
Access to our 83 Hollywood quality videos so anytime you want a refresher on a subject it’s at your fingertips. 

PDF handouts for you to print if you desire.

E books, challenges and games designed to further your journey with your dog towards your goals.

Unlimited e-mail support.

You'll get a 'trainer in your pocket' which is two zoom sessions where you can get my coaching tips and tricks, basically my knowledge, for any things that may come up that leave you unsure of what to do.

Remember these bullet points that will be the frame work for the puppy stage. 

Understanding the emotion behind your dog’s behavior. 

Management things like using a crate. 

The motivation that will drive your dog to do almost anything. 

Providing enrichment, things like Kongs and bones, but many other possibilities.  

Build the behavior:  an alternative behavior to what you prefer them to do instead of a ‘problem’ behavior (remember it’s not a problem for the dog!) as well as just what to do.  

Also, your dog needs consistency to learn new habits and when everyone is in agreement and working together success comes much more quickly.  

Value of $1,600. 

We'll continue your journey with our Amazing Adolescent! program where we make use of five core areas to keep the adolescent angst to a minimum. 

You’ll get 110 more Hollywood quality videos and access to those as well as the 83 from the puppy program for a total of 10 months.

As well as more handouts, e books, challenges and games. 

And another 4 trainer in your pocket sessions for a total of 6 in the 6 months. 

And you’ll get a personal Google Cloud folder so you can share your triumphs and get more help with any problems. 

These five core areas will be the frame work for the adolescent stage. 

Focus: unlock your dogs key motivators and build their ability to pay attention anytime, anywhere. 

Confidence: enhance your dog's resilience and confidence in everyday situations so they are happy and ready for anything. 

Calmness: Learn how to unlock the art of relaxation in every situation. 

Relationship: Develop the bond that will underpin everything. Learn to truly understand your dog and nurture your relationship. 

Human Superskills: Continue to upgrade your own skills to become the expert your dog needs in their corner. 

Value of $1,600!

This 6 month course's total value is $3,200!

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Robin Ehn

* Robin is the owner and head instructor of Celtic Cur Behavior & Training and the chicken clicking workshops, Click A Cluck.  
* Robin has gained her Diploma, with distinction, of Canine Behavior Science and Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.
* Robin has been training dogs since 1972 and she has been using Force Free, Efficient Clicker training since 1996.  
* Robin is a supporting member in good standing of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.  
* Formerly an internationally recognized Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge and Skills Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
* Robin has trained dogs for hunting, drug detection, stage shows and she has taught others how to train their dogs utilizing both group classes and private-in-home sessions.