Courteous Canine is an in-person, 5 session, top 10 foundation behaviors program.
The top 10 behaviors are:

Health checks/Management
Door Behavior

Loose Leash walking
Doggie Zen/Off

In addition to the in-person aspect it gives you access to the online video and PDF resources below.

Getting Started
(Online Only Resources)

How Dogs Learn (Video)
How Dogs Learn (PDF)
Recommended Books (PDF)
Finding Your Dogs Motivation (Video)
Trail Mix and a Few Reinforcers (PDF)
Treat Tournament (Video)
The Art of Treat Delivery (Video)
What is Management? (Video)
Setting Up Management (Video)

Management Tips (PDF)
The Kong Recipe Brochure (PDF)
Top 5 Benefits of Clicker Training (PDF)
What is Marker/Clicker Training (Video)
Marker Training (PDF)
The Golden Rules (PDF)
The Basics of the Click (PDF)
Marker Timing (Video)
Note Paper (PDF)

Session 1

Training Game (PDF)
 Reward Placement (video)
Reward Placement (PDF)
Start Your Dog Out On The Right Paw (PDF)
Intro to Sit (Video)
Capturing Sit (Video)
Down (Video)
Settle (Video)
Whole Dog Journal's Guide to Choosing a Food for YOUR Dog (PDF)
Top 5 Reasons why free feeding is not a good choice for your dog (PDF)

Informed Consent Back
And if needed:
House training (PDF)
Harness Desensitizing (PDF)

BONUS: Body Language  (Online Only Resources)

Session 2

Intro to Luring (Video)
Intro to Shaping (Video)
Shaping 'Go To Place/Bed/Mat' (PDF)
Go to Bed (Video)
Go to Spot(Video)

Come to ME! (PDF)
Intro to Targeting (Video)
Teaching Touch (PDF)
Four D’s (PDF)
7 Steps To A Dog That Properly Greets (PDF)

Session 3

Adding the Cue (PDF)
Scavenger Hunt Scentwork (PDF)
7 Steps to Training Your Dog to Walk on a Loose Leash (PDF)

Doggie Zen in 13 Levels (PDF)
Health Checks (PDF)

BONUS: Behavior  (Online Only Resources)

Session 4

Door Behavior (PDF)
Trade (PDF)

Flirt Pole Fun (video)
Flirt Pole (PDF)

Sniff and Go (video)
Sniff and Go (PDF)

Session 5

Review, review, review!

Bonus: TRICKS! (Online Only Resources)

Program cost is just

Are you ready to begin your Courteous Canine 5 session foundations program journey with YOUR dog?