Upcycling and repurposing found pieces from an ignominious end and helping Mother Nature bring her beauty into your home by creating glorious art with a function.

Current Items:

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With included Edison bulb

No bulb closeup to show detail

Silver Spiral #L22
This former throwaway brass wire vase has blossomed into a silverish galvanized beauty!
The spiraled filament Edison bulb in this pendant lamp will bring incredible shadows to heighten the ambiance of your home. Gorgeous whether the light is on or not.
15FT silver multi colored plug in cord with On/Off switch in cord. Comes with the pictured Edison bulb.
Approximately nine and a half inches across by eleven inches tall.
Shipped to you in a re-purposed cardboard box.

Closeup of the galvanized shade pictured with the Edison bulb below

Industrial Spanish #L1
Sculptural art that also functions as a light! Glamorous whether or not the light is on!
Industrial and Spanish wrought iron styles come together to create this unique one-of-a-kind artisan made floor lamp!
Two discarded pieces come together to make this upcycled piece.
As soon as I saw each of these pieces I knew they were destined to become something that would someday become a fabulous new thing! And they certainly have!
The black base was found in a junk pile at an abandoned home and the galvanized shade piece’s story is that it was formerly a hanging basket from a military IT guy.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!
Shipped to you in a hand made cardboard box.

Donkey Plant Bench

Rustic Rodeo Donkey plant bench
Two adorable donkeys (weathered wood freshly painted) hold a 44 inch long vinyl plank bench for your plants to ride on!
The donkeys are 39 inches tall and 12 ¾ inches deep and their rope tails add to their cuteness!
Local pick up only at this time.






A Bug's Hollow # L17
This oak branch has so much character! I imagine a cute little lady bug living in the long oval scar.
Finished with Odies oil the oak is a dark brown.  The black painted repurposed wood base has decorative ‘nail head’ trim and finished with shellack with a leather bottom table saver. 19 inches tall with an approximately 6 inch diameter circular base, cord is approximately 57 1/2 inches long.
Shipped to you in a re-purposed cardboard box.

#L27 A - front

#L27 B - front

Ebony Twins #L27 A and B
A rustic 4x4 lumber piece destined for the fireplace has metamorphosed into 2 ebony twin table lamps.
These each sit on a metal base with small metal ball feet.  The wood has been stained/painted and finished with shellack. Cords are approximately 68 1/2 inches long with the in cord On/Off switches center at about 12 inches away from lamp base.

#L27A – approximately 11 ¼ inches tall #L27B – approximately 10 ¾ inches tall
Shipped to you in a re-purposed cardboard box.

bulb clip detail

Space Mushroom #L2
A rustic 2x6 lumber piece destined for the fireplace and an old galvanized chimney cap have metamorphosed into an out of this world 
stunning statuesque table lamp!

This lamp is approximately 33 1/2 inches tall. 
The wood has been  finished with Odie's oil. The metal base is approximately 10 3/4 inches in diameter. The metal shade is held on with a bulb clip and is 17 1/2 inches from front to end of the fin and 14 1/2 inches from side to side.  

The black and white cloth covered cord is approximately 64 1/2 inches long with the in-cord On/Off switch center at about 15 inches away from lamp base.

Shipped to you in a re-purposed cardboard box.



Hollow Bliss #L16
The wave like form of this hollow oak piece is a magnificent expression of Mother Natures beauty!
The wood has been stained and finished with lacquer.
Cord is approximately 77 inches long with the in-cord On/Off switch center at about 27 inches away from lamp base.  It is approximately 17 inches tall by 12 inches long by 9 inches deep.
Shipped to you in a re-purposed cardboard box.

Creations planned for the future:
Currently many pieces of rescued tree limbs are being transformed into lamps!
Wall clocks made from computer or bicycle parts are in the pipeline.
A garden gate of bicycle parts, a vintage metal crib will become a bench as well.
Who knows what else will develop!
So please come back from time to time to see what I create and put up for sale!
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