DIY Tricks, Tricks, Tricks!

Do-It-Yourself Tricks mini course

Jan S.

Highly Recommended Course. Fun! Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

You and your dog will LOVE learning these tricks!

Here's what you get:
Videos and handouts for 13 tricks like Take A Bow, Peek A Boo and Spin and Twist!
Plus additional supporting videos and PDF's.

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Robin Ehn

  • Robin is the owner and head instructor of Celtic Cur Behavior & Training and the chicken clicking workshops, Click A Cluck.
  • Robin has gained her Diploma with distinction, of Canine Behavior Science and Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.
  • Robin has been training dogs since 1972 and she has been using positive and efficient clicker training since 1996.
  • Robin is a supporting member in good standing of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.
  • Formerly an internationally recognized Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge and Skills Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
  • Robin has trained dogs for hunting, drug detection, stage shows and she has taught others how to train their dogs utilizing both group classes and private-in-home sessions.
  • Robin is the creator and trainer of the Worlds Original Jousting Goats with Sir Fionn Mac Cumhail (Finn Mac Cool) the Knighted Goat.
  • Robin is the creator and trainer of the Sniffer Dog Challenge which is a new scent work dog sport.

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